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Pedigree Analysis
All of these products use our highly popular Werk Nick Ratings.   If you are interested in any of these products, please call (510) 490-1111 to inquire or to place an order.
Pedigree Profile
Featuring Werk Nick Ratings
Provides a five-generation pedigree with dosage, highlighted inbreeding, Werk Quality Rating, and Werk Nick Rating.  It is useful when assessing purchases or prospective matings.  Price: $20
Enhanced Pedigree Profile
Includes, along with the Pedigree Profile (see left), an additional report providing a detailed analysis of the nick rating, including a list of the most notable stakes winners that represent the cross and a more detailed analysis of the crosses of both the sire and dam.  Price: $75
Individual Pedigree Evaluation
Includes all of the information contained in the Enhanced Pedigree Profile, along with a written assessment of the racing or breeding prospects of the pedigree in question.   Price: $195
Stakes Winners Report
A custom report that provides four-generation pedigrees (five-generation pedigrees optional) of the unrestricted stakes winners descending from a specific sire, sireline, broodmare sire, broodmare sireline, or other selected group, along with a list of unrestricted stakes races won by these stakes winners.  Price:  Custom pricing based on the size of the report.  Please call (510) 490-1111 to inquire.