The usefulness of GeoNicks

By Sid Fernando Back in 2011, when Werk Thoroughbred Consultants, Inc., developed GeoNicks, WTC’s Roger Lyons wrote, “. . . you need to know, as a breeder, whether or not the cross is performing as well in your region of interest as it’s performing globally, and that’s where GeoNicks enter the picture.” Lyons explained: “GeoNicks address … Continue reading The usefulness of GeoNicks

Admiring family of Ironicus

By Sid Fernando Stuart S. Janney III’s homebred Graded winner Ironicus enters stud at Claiborne under the auspices of young Walker Hancock, but he has a family that’s one of the oldest — and most influential — in the Stud Book. This family has been molded by some of the most distinguished owners and breeders in N. America, too, … Continue reading Admiring family of Ironicus